Hydroxychloroquine versus Remdesivir

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Fauci – has thousand of live on his Conscience WW.

He completely ‘On Purpose’ creating doubt/uncertainty regarding ‘The Hydroxychloroquine + Z-Pack’ – ‘Correct Treatment’ of covid-19 patients.

And ‘conveniently’ only a few days after ‘calling the Hydroxy treatment ‘Anecdotal’ – the totally ‘Crap study’ – on VA deaths – was blown ‘Frontpage WW on every liberal MSM media’ with the totally false story – that the drug killed the sick old men.

This all’ because Fauci (it turned out later) was ‘bought’ to sell Remdesivir.

The 3- 4 weeks delay in ‘the correct’ treatment in big parts of USA and Europe – because of Fauci surely have cost thousands of lifes and unnecessary suffering for the dying patients – relatives – doctors and nurses who have had to experience this madness.

NB: The Hydroxychloroquine trials grows in numbers every day (as someone sugested most likely to avoid problems with FDA and Fauci)