Corona Krisen

ICMR Recommends Anti-Malarial Drug, Only 2 Categories Eligible

16. august 2020 jasbg

indians regering beordrer alt frontline personale til at tage HCQ allerede tilbage i marts 2020. Samtidigt anbefales det at familie der lever  sammen med ‘inficeret corona patient – tilsvarende behandles forebyggende med HCQ. —————————– Spørgsmålet […]

Corona Krisen

Hydroxychloroquine versus Remdesivir

17. maj 2020 jasbg

Fauci – has thousand of live on his Conscience WW. He completely ‘On Purpose’ creating doubt/uncertainty regarding ‘The Hydroxychloroquine + Z-Pack’ – ‘Correct Treatment’ of covid-19 patients. And ‘conveniently’ only a few days after ‘calling the Hydroxy treatment […]