Mark Levin Nov 22, 2020 – Demokrats in swing states changed election rules in 200 – 300 law processes

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USA has become Russia after deeply fraudulent coup by Liberal Democratic in 2020 election:

Only difference is that Biden is an old senile deeply corrupt wimp. Putin is a former KGB officer and ‘harcore’ Dictator.

Both are “leaders” that have gained their power by 100% Freud – totally scr**ing populations:

China wins again – BIGTIME. Covid killed Trump and China resistance – and opened Globalisme for BIG TECH – again.

America LAST again – and USA now a deeply corrupt dictatorship – controlled by Liberal Demokrat Bastards !

A sad time for the freedom loving people of this planet.

UN  and Globalists have taken over the world. It is Orwells 1984 ‘Come True’  – just about to the letter.

Big Brother is Watching You:   2020 called Big Tech:   Facebook – twitter – Google (Youtube) 


Jesse Watters: Mail-in ballot mayhem