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Article below is copied from a Conversation on Yahoo,  ARMN – Amarin – Vascepa Forum:

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1 hour ago
I am a private investor for more than 15 years on the stock market – that pride myself at only investing i companies i believe in.
It was actually my youngest son that first noticed Amarin and Vascepa – following a number of investing forums early 2018.
Bying +2400 stocks at little more than 3$ a stock – was a good investment after September 24. 1918 – when the fantastic Reduce IT – trials results were released.
My mission here is to make clear to myself – and others what had happen since. And to do that I need to start in a completely different place.

Everyone who has followed the development of the number of medical drugs being released – and offered to the public since about the year 1900 is enormous. You just have to enter any Drug Store to know what I mean.

At the same time we all know – (If you like me is born around 1950) – that the typical drug ‘has a positive effect on typically 10- 20% of patient – more often than not’ with a number of bad side-effects.
Still at the same time – many of the drugs brings in billions’ and billions’ of $$ to Big Pharma.

For more than 50 years it has been known that the’ Inuit People of ex. Greenland did’nt have any form of the cardiovascular disease’s – that increasingly was a deadly factor in the rest of especially’ the western world.
This has ment hundreds of different (non clinical examined) Over the Counter – Clamed Omega3 products – on the shelf’s in every food- and alternative drug store around the world.
Only problem with all the’ offered Omega3 products – ‘They did’nt work’ – people still died like before – even talking these (often very distastefull oils) for decades.

Now here comes Amarin and Vascepa – and for the first time in history – the mystery of ‘The Fish oil’ is Solved.
The big Reduce It trial – illustrated that ‘It actually IS TRU that this ‘completely natual product’ – used in the right way – is a Life Saver – like nothing the world have ever seen before. And better yet – there’s very little side effects using the drug.
That is why 16 to 0 – of the most qualified and experienced experts – just voted YES’ to ‘open up the marked for Amarin and Vascepa’ – in the Adcom meeting 14. november 2019.

So now obviously – the road should be cleared for this Fantastic’ – Lifesaving product .
But common sense – and care for the ordinary common people – is apparently not how the ‘billion dollar’ business of Big Pharma works. This is a game of ‘highly paid Lobbyists – and ‘deals’ in dark places.

Vascepa it seems’ – is seen as a thread to a long line of Big Pharma billion-dollar products – and this is why they now use Oppenheimer – Citi and GS – as the money protecting hounds’ to go after Amarin.

As I said before’ – One can only hope’ – for the sake of the populations that need Vascepa’ – that Truth and Honesty will Prevail in the end.